Restructuring Of The Forest Department

The Forest Department is recommended to rearrange the existing structure at the division level and below. The primary objective of the organizational restructuring will be to strengthen the decentralized service delivery mechanism of the Forest Department in the most effective and efficient manner. The Forest Department should revise the current implementation structure of programmes, projects, and schemes at each level and range to identify the gaps and problems.

The proposed arrangement will be to post one appropriate level staff (Joint Director (JD) or DFO) to each district as the Project Coordinator. Each Project Coordinator will be guided by the PMU in implementing the project activities for each district. There will be four Project Coordinators total working at the district level. These coordinators will be supported by DFOs, ACFs, ROs, Head Forest Guards, and Forest Guards. The roles and responsibilities of the Project Coordinators will cover all the mandates of each circle within the Forest Department. Head of Forest Guards and Forest Guards will be assigned to support ROs and to work with communities. Within the reorganized structure, the Project Coordinators will play key roles in mobilizing the officers and frontline staff members at the district level and below with the support of the PMU and of the rest of the Forest Department officials who are not directly involved in the Project. The reorganization of the Forest Department will improve the efficiency of task allocation so that its officers and staff are given the appropriate volume of work. Moreover, it will facilitate the holistic design and management of the planning and execution of the Department?s activities.