Collaboration With Other Stakeholders

The Project will seek collaboration with the MOEF, other departments in the Government of Sikkim, academic institutions and NGOs. The resources that these institutions possess are enormous in terms of information, knowledge, technology, facilities, and manpower and will be mobilized by the Project.

Details of the collaboration will be negotiated upon project implementation. Areas of possible collaboration will range from research to training. The MOEF and World Wide Fund for Nature will be good resources, as they have both experience and knowledge from other states in India. Resources available in the Tourism Department as well as the Rural Management and Development Department will be mobilized as well.

Post project implementation arrangement
The final year of the Project will be spent for the following tasks.
  • To develop a handover manual for the Forest Department, 
  • To transfer the functions performed by the PMU to the Forest Department, 
  • To transfer infrastructure and equipment to the Forest Department, and 
  • To assist the Forest Department in the reassignment of the officers deployed to the Project back to the Forest Department.