Project Governing Body

The Project will introduce two tiers of bodies at state level, namely the Governing Body and the Executive Body. This two-tier system for implementation is applied to the JICA projects implemented in Orissa and in Tripura. This system is a check-and-balance mechanism designed to facilitate the transparency and timeliness of decision-making and of the allocation of funds. The Governing Body will hold the highest decision-making power within the PMU, which will be guided by the HPSC. The roles and responsibilities of the governing body will be as follows:
  • To prepare required documents and information, and register the PMU as society in Sikkim
  • To provide guidance to the PMU in developing the PMU management manual
  • To review the annual work plans and budgets prepared by the PMU Executive Body and to present them to the HPSC for approval and endorsement
  • To facilitate the integration of the approved plan and budget of the PMU into the annual plans and budgets of the Forest Department
  • To disburse funds to the Project in a timely manner
  • To monitor the financial and physical progress of the Project
  • To hold meetings to monitor and review the project progress every quarter at minimum
  • To represent the PMU in the HPSC and to work closely with it to propose policy change as and when necessary
  • To demonstrate leadership in the PMU as and when necessary

It is recommended that the governing body for the Project be chaired by the PCCF-cum-Secretary, who is the head of the Forest Department. The proposed members of the governing body are presented in Table 2. Officers at the CF and DFO levels should be included as the governing body members, since they are a critical link between policy makers and frontline staff members. They will be the key to facilitating the bottom-up approach within the Project.

Table 2: List of proposed PMU Governing Body members


Name Of Post And Department


PCCF, Forest Department


Additional PCCF, Forest Department


One Senior Member of Executive Body of PMU


Secretary Project Director, JICA Project