District Facilitation Unit (D.F.U.)

A Project Coordinator will be appointed in each district. The Project Coordinator will coordinate and facilitate activities under the guidance of the PMU?s Executive Body. (S)he will be the head of the DFU and will work closely with DFOs stationed at the division level to implement the Project. These DFOs will be responsible for project implementation as well as other regular activities undertaken by the Forest Department. They will be supported by ACF, ROs, Head Forest Guards and Forest Guards. Thus, one DFU per district or a total of four DFUs will be formed. Table 5 lists the proposed members of the DFU.

Table 5: List of proposed DFU members


Rank of officers to be deputed and/or contracted

Main function

Project Coordinator

DFO (Forest Department)

To coordinate and facilitate the project activities

Deputy Project Coordinator

ACF (Forest Department)

To support the DFOs in planning and implementing the annual work plans, budgets, and monitoring and evaluation at the divisional level under the guidance of the PMU and a planning and implementation specialist at the state level



To support the DFOs in financial monitoring, processing, and management related to the Project

The DFU will be supported by a group of supporting staff such as data entry operators, drivers and peons. They will be hired under the Project for project implementation. They will support the Forest Department in strengthening its capacity at field level through the Project.