Exposure Visits

Selected members of SHGs and other members of JFMCs, EDCs, and PSS?s will be taken on exposure visits. The purpose of these visits will be to provide opportunities for village residents to learn from the experiences of successful SHGs, JFMCs, EDCs, and PSS?s regarding forest management, biodiversity conservation, ecotourism, and IGAs.

The destinations of exposure visits could be villages within or outside Sikkim. Darjeeling in West Bengal may be a good candidate for residents of the target villages located in the lower parts of Sikkim because its natural environment is similar to that of such villages. West Bengal has other similarities with Sikkim such as the ban on felling. In case there is any good example of exposure visits other than Darjeeling, such exposure visits will be explored based upon the needs of JFMCs, EDCs, PSS?s, SHGs and the budget required at the time of the execution of the Project.