Preparation Work

Preparation of JFMC, EDC, and PSS Management Manual
A short-term consultancy service will be employed by the PMU to prepare a management manual for JFMCs, EDCs, and PSS?s, simultaneously along with the selection process of PMC for PMU, in the preparatory stage. The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance to the members on the effective management of their organizations and the implementation of activities. The terms of reference of this short-term consultancy service will be drafted by the PMU.

The manual will be prepared in both Nepali and English. It will contain the following topics and guidelines as well as other subjects deemed necessary:
  • Process for the formation of committees
  • Roles and responsibilities of committee members
  • Financial and administrative procedures of committees
  • Book keeping and record keeping requirements 
  • Microplanning guidelines with outline of procedures, formats and timelines for each activity 
  • Guidelines on implementation of activities including entry point activities and afforestation
  • IGA guidelines
  • Monitoring system for committees

In particular the Income Generation Activity (IGA) guidelines should contain the following:
  • Objectives of IGAs and SHGs in a JFMC, EDC, or PSS
  • Formation of self help groups (SHGs) and eligibility criteria for membership
  • Roles and responsibilities of members
  • Financial management guidelines for SHGs
  • Operation guidelines for SHGs
  • Microfinance guidelines
  • Performance evaluation indicators for SHG activities
  • Support to SHGs by JFMC, EDC or PSS
  • Monitoring of SHG activities and operation

For preparation of the manual, the VSS Management Manual prepared by the JICA-funded Orissa Forestry Sector Development Project can be referred to as an example.