Training On Management Of J.F.M.Cs, E.D.Cs And P.S.Ss

Members of JFMCs, EDCs, and PSS?s who are responsible for administrative and financial management of their committee will be trained in basic management skills. The topics may include documentation, account management, and book-keeping. They will also be trained in the monitoring of activities. Although the RO, who will be the Member Secretary of the Executive Committee of JFMCs, EDCs, and PSS?s, is responsible for maintaining the account of the committee, the day-to-day operations and management of the committee should be carried out by the village residents so as to enable them to become self-reliant for the future.

Thus, selected village residents will be trained. This training will be conducted at the district level. Two training courses will be conducted per district per batch. For the first course, approximately 30 participants will be gathered at the district headquarters and trained. Five participants will be selected by the General Body from its Executive Committee members. The participants should be JFMC, EDC, or PSS members for which the topics would be directly relevant to their responsibilities, eg, President, Secretary, or Treasurer.