Development Of Ecotourism Areas With Respect To Specific Market Segments

To encourage different markets to visit Sikkim, diverse products must be developed at selected areas in the state. The activities in this subcomponent will be under the responsibility of the Product, Sales and Advertisement Manager of the EMC.

The EMC will consult with the DFUs in selecting the sites. However, any activities such as development of trekking routes, establishment of wildlife watching areas etc. shall have to follow the following procedures.
  • Before developing any activity, biodiversity baseline survey around the activity site has to be completed.
  • In case, any precious species are found after the biodiversity baseline survey, alternative routes or places should be explored. If the places are too important in view of the natural environment, then all activities should be prohibited.
  • Upon confirmation by the PMC as well as EMC, development activities shall have to be conducted in an eco-friendly manner.