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Comprehensive Study For Baseline Information On Solid Waste Management

A comprehensive study will be necessary to generate primary information on SWM and its commercial potential in the tourist areas that have been selected. Data required will include the number of the floating population, the quantity of solid waste generation and its sources, composition and characteristics of such waste, identification of suitable sites for waste processing and safe disposal, as well as socioeconomic conditions and willingness to pay and participate in the SWM activities. The study is expected to cover the 10 prioritized tourist villages and the surrounding tourist spots. A report will be produced covering the details of the existing SWM system for each tourist location. 

Collection and Analysis of Baseline Data
Baseline data will be collected through field survey and investigations. These will include the collection of solid waste samples from 25 different locations and a sample survey at households and other commercial establishments to assess the socioeconomic conditions, willingness to pay, and quantity of solid waste generation. About 850 samples will be collected. Solid waste samples will be analyzed to determine the physical, chemical, and biological composition and characteristics of waste. The consultant will be engaged to prepare a report and an action plan.