Ecotourism Marketing

The ecotourism marketing component consists of several subcomponents: 
  • the establishment of an Ecotourism Marketing Cell responsible for the development of ecotourism in Sikkim and supported by full-time implementation staff; 
  • the formulation and implementation of a five-year marketing strategy to promote ecotourism in Sikkim, including the organization of a series of ecotourism events and festivals, funded by the project, throughout the state; 
  • the selection of a funding scheme to finance the subsequent marketing strategies; and 
  • the execution of an initiative to link tour operators with local communities offering tourism services. 

The impact of the ecotourism marketing component will be that greater awareness of Sikkim as a tourist destination is created in national and international market places, resulting in an increase in the number of tourists that come to Sikkim to enjoy ecotourism and adventure tourism activities, thus generating revenue and employment for local communities. The ecotourism marketing strategies should also include the inclusion of well known tourist destinations such as Darjeeling into the ecotourism packages organized for destinations in Sikkim.