Development Of Project Implementation Manual

The PMC will be tasked to develop the project implementation manual under the supervision of the PMU. The manual should cover topics such as the followings.
1) the project implementation structure; 
2) the roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in the Project; 
3) project activities and their basic implementation procedures; 
4) planning, monitoring, and evaluation procedures of activities; 
5) budget of the Project; and 
6) budgeting and accounting rules.

Familiarization of the Project
An orientation session on the Project will be given to all concerned staff using the project implementation manual. A one-day workshop will be organized in the four DFUs.

Development of Annual Work Plan and Budget
The PMU will prepare for the implementation of project activities under this subcomponent. It will develop the initial annual work plan and budget. It needs to be noted that without the organizational restructuring of the Forest Department proposed here, implementation of the project will face great difficulties and may lead to inordinate delays.