Establishment Of Project Implementation Structure

This subcomponent will establish the PMU and its supervising body. The Forest Department will set up the PMU consisting of the Governing Body, Executive Body, DFU, RSU, and the High Powered Steering Committee (HPSC).

The PMU would be set under the society mode and will operate as an empowered PMU with the powers to take day-to-day decisions, incur expenditure for project activities, allocate funds to DFUs and RSUs, monitor the works etc. The drafting of the rules that will govern its operations, issuance of government notifications, registration of the PMU as an autonomous society, and other necessary administrative work will be carried out, and the approval of relevant authorities will be sought by the Forest Department.

The Forest Department will allocate the required human resources of the PMU by placing its officials and/or recruiting contract-based staff. Once the PMU is established, Project Management Consultants (PMC) will be selected. The Request for Proposal (RFP), including the terms of reference, will be drafted by the PMU. The PMC will be selected through international competition in accordance with the guidelines of JICA.

The activities under this subcomponent are as follows:
(a) Establishment of the PMU, including the placement of the required Forest Department officials;
(b) Establishment of the HPSC;
(c) Drafting of and acquiring approval of the governing rules for the PMU from the state government;
(d) Registration of the PMU as a society;
(e) Recruitment of contract-based staff for the PMU; and,
(f) Selection of the project management consultants.