Organizational Restructuring Of Forest Department

This subcomponent aims to enhance the organizational structure capacity of the Forest Department so that it can accommodate the large volume of work that will be generated by the Project. In preparation for establishing the project implementation structure, the Forest Department will need to reorganize its structure and rationalize its staff allocation. The reorganization is expected to establish a more efficient and effective base for implementing various forestry and biodiversity conservation activities in an integrated manner. The new structure will not only serve the purpose of implementing the project activities but will enhance the overall productivity of the Forest Department in its execution of various activities. Instead of setting up a separate entity specifically for the Project from the state level down to the village level, the existing structure and staff will be reorganized and utilized as much as possible for the implementation of the Project.

The Project will establish a specialized Project Management Unit (PMU) at the state level, in a Society mode. In addition, four DFUs (District Facilitation Unit) at the district level and 27 Range Supporting Units at the range level will be established to assist Forest Department officials in implementing project activities. The Forest Department must strengthen its execution capacity particularly at the district level and below by reorganizing its organization into an area-oriented structure and by allocating more staff at the district level and below. This restructuring should be initiated by the strong leadership of the senior officials at the Head Quarters and with the support and consent of Government of Sikkim.