Project Implementation (Efficiency)

Project Scope

Table 2-1-1a: Comparison of Original andActual Location


Original: (P/M)

State of Sikkim


Attachment 1: Location Map

Actual: (P/Rand PCR)



Table2-1-1b: Comparison of Original and Actual Scope




Forest and Biodiversity Conservation

Rapid Biodiversity Survey

- 1,000 sample plots throughout Sikkim

- 300 sample plots on hotspots


Other Study & Survey

- Climate Change on Himalayan Ecosystem

- Grazing in Himalayan Ecosystem

- Flagship Species Habitats

- Preservation Plot Survey (60 plots)

- World Heritage Nomination File Preparation of Khangchendzonga National Park

- Biodiversity Research & Extension


Rationalization of Protected Area Boundaries

- 1 Khangchendzonga National Park

- 7 Wildlife Sanctuaries


Establishment of New Protected Areas

- Nimphu Wildlife Sanctuary (200km2)

- Fairrieanum Conservation Reserve (0.6km2)


Ex-situ Conservation

- Upgradation of Himalaya Zoological Park

- Establishment of a Biodiversity Conservation Center

- Establishment of a Butterfly Park


Creation of Propagation Nursery

- 5 Propagation Nurseries

- 1 Floricultural Nursery




Ecotourism Policy & Strategy

- Formulation of Ecotourism Policy through Consultative Committee & Pubic Consultation

- Ecotourism Public Campaign

- Formulation of Five-Year Ecotourism Marketing Strategy




Ecotourism Marketing

- Establishment of Ecotourism Marketing Cell

- 5 Overseas PR Tour with Private Operator

- 10 National PR Tour with Private Operator

- Establishment of Funding Mechanism for Sustainable Ecotourism Marketing

- Creating Links Between Tour Operator and Local Communities


Development of Eco-friendly Infrastructure

- Trekking Route (260km)

- Wildlife-Watching Areas (20 locations)

- 9 Interpretation Centers

- 9 Forest Rest Houses


Solid Waste Management

- Comprehensive Study for Solid Waste Management

- Facility for Solid Waste Management



Joint Forest Management

JFM/EDC/PSS Activity

- 180 target villages with cluster approach

- Creation of 540 SHGs

- 3,600 ha Afforestation or Regeneration (additional 700 ha afforestation or regeneration will be conducted by religious institutions)

- Entry Point Activities

- Action Research on Sustainable Use of Forest Resources

- Trainings for Capacity Development



Supporting Activities

- Preparation Works

- Institutional Strengthening of PMU/DFU/RSU

- Establishment of New Training Facility

- Training of Forest Department Officers

- Monitoring and Evaluation

- Phase-Out Works



Consulting Services

International: 40M/M

Local: 207M/M

Supporting staff: 224M/M